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from Brighton, MI

The production, the energy, the delivery, the mood, everything works perfectly here when these guys get together. Aggressive, heavy, abrasive, raw and energetic its hard not to love everything that Dedlights does. The slower parts they lay down build up this tension for the explosive tones that come from each member. From the dark and slow to fast and aggressive, lush and alluring tracks place them a cut above the rest. Jagged, bruising, and beautiful, Dedlights can actually groove with all the catharsis and energy that actually means some thing. They have real imagination and power both melodious and menacing, but interesting in all the ways that they present themselves. Atmospheric riffs that make you sit up and take notice and lyrics that slither through your senses like some unseen snake until it sinks its teeth deep into your skin with a throat-constricting chorus. One of the best up and coming groups who deserve all the recognition they get.

-Penny Howard, Sharp Talent Productions