A little about us...

Original hard rock music, heavy, dynamic, a modern sound with guitar solos reminiscent of the classic rock era, powerful rhythm section constructed around hard to forget mantra like vocal hooks. Three artists producing a message that puts humanity in the hot seat.

They are a Brighton Michigan based act founded in 2014 by vocalist/guitarist Lee Farquhar, drummer Tim Farquhar and bassist/vocalist Mike McCormack. Three struggling veteran musicians in their late 20's leading unfulfilled lives with failing relationships, dead end careers, alcoholism and financial distress found exactly what they were looking for, each other. In 2014 the tight brother duo ran across a lone wolf, a perfect fit at the perfect time. Empowered by their shared musical vision and commonalities, Dedlights set out to create a hard rock sound that is raw and human with a message that contradicts an over produced world…spiraling further and further away from true human connectivity.

Their first full length studio album, ‘Of The Earth’, dropped in 2021 to great reception, a project that had been cooking for over two years, but is collectively the bands life work with ideas that formed far before the bands conception. They recently won Lansing’s Q106 Michigan Made 2021 battle of the bands by a large margin, which show cased the songs Flood, Capital C and Broken from the album. Music videos for Flood and Capital C can be seen online now, as well as live performances of other tracks, including new unreleased songs. Be sure to look out for music videos and touring.